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Let’s connect. Some information about me and what I’m all about.



I solve problems through design and develop highly skilled creative teams 


Make cool stuff and develop awesome teams. That essentially sums up my professional mantra. In my 10+ years of experience in the creative genre I have been fortunate enough to work along side some of the world's brightest talent. 

From working with startup PR agencies to large scale retail companies, I have used my skills as a photographer and writer to not only elevate brands visually but to develop new brand guidelines and procedures. I have lead teams anywhere from 5 to 120 people and took a personal interest in each creative individual and their professional growth. With such, I was able to create highly dedicated teams that worked in tandem for the overall success of their company. 

In the past, I have published books to help young professionals achieve their goals in the creative field. Currently, I am writing in the young adult genre and have three of six books in a series available on KDP and wide distribution as well as in select Indigo stores in the Toronto area.

I spend my free time producing online courses to teach others my skills and spread the love. I am also an avid public speaker on productivity and planning and of course a professional Netflix watcher. 

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to work together or just want to connect with another like-minded individual. Let's keep the conversation going!



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